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We use ApplyConnect to gather all information needed for your rental request!

Renter's Information

Complete a Background Check at your Own Pace

No one likes paperwork, and processing your tenant screening background check is no exception. We hear you, and we’ve come up with a screening platform that gives more control and has zero impact on your credit score.

Create Your Account
and Fill Out the Application

This bit is the easy part! Fill out a quick form with your information to create your account. After registering you can verify your identity securely through Experian, one of the three major credit bureaus. This process should only take a few minutes and ensures your information is kept private and secure.

Purchase and View
Your Background Check

After you’ve been securely verified by Experian, you’ll be prompted to make your purchase. You can make a single purchase or plan ahead with our Apply Three tenant screening option. Not everyone gets the first place they apply for, and we take that into account! Our Apply Threereport gives you the ability to make one purchase and share it with three properties for $39.95. Once purchased, you can view your tenant screening background check.

Time for the Landlord
to Make Their Decision!

The landlord will notify you via email whether your tenant screening report has been accepted, denied, or is a conditional acceptance requiring additional information. You can also see if your report is still pending directly within your ApplyConnect account. Depending on if your landlord signs up for it, you may be prompted to complete an online rental application shortly after the screening report processes.

Feel More Confident Sharing Your Information

ApplyConnect uses top level and state of the art security practices to protect your sensitive, personally identifiable information. You can rest easy sharing your tenant screening background check between only you and the person you choose.

Get approved for your dream home quickly, easily, and inexpensively!

Feel Free to contact me today! Serving Ocean County 😁

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